Winter is here at Mt Fuji

Located two to three hours away from Tokyo is the very famous Mt. Fuji. Of all our destinations in Japan, I was most excited to see Mt. Fuji and experience a freezing 5 degrees celsius!  It was also my first time to see and touch snow!! And It also froze my butt!  We were bound … Continue reading Winter is here at Mt Fuji


A Date with History

History was not my favorite subject when I was a student. I didn't do poorly at it but I definitely did not enjoy memorizing trivial information such as: the cry of Pugadlawin, where the katipuneros tore up their cedulas, happened on August 23, 1896 or that on December 8, 1941, the Japanese forces invaded the … Continue reading A Date with History

Surfing in Sabang

It was a very humid afternoon in Baler and as we drew closer and closer to the beach, I grew more and more eager to just jump and plunge right into the water of Sabang.  Of course, I was not going to be plunging right into the water as I was not in some sort … Continue reading Surfing in Sabang


45 minutes of walking and crossing bridges is what it would take to reach Baler's Ditumabo Falls, or also known as the "Mother Falls". Well actually, it was doable for 30 minutes but considering that we didn't have any sleep and we haven't really eaten lunch yet, our pace was that of a slug. It … Continue reading Motherf…alls!

The Magical World of Tokyo Disneyland

In Hong Kong's ocean park, we only had two and a half hours to spend in the theme park but we managed to visit the panda exhibit and ride a cable car, The Rapids and Hair Raiser. All things equal, I expected to ride at least ten rides in Japan's Disneyland as we had the … Continue reading The Magical World of Tokyo Disneyland

Charlie Does Cafe

I suggested Charlie Does Cafe. Without knowing what it serves, without knowing its specialty. I suggested it on the sole reason that it looked like it had aircon, which we badly needed at that very humid day.   I was wrong because it didn't have aircon, but the place isn't that bad actually. It was … Continue reading Charlie Does Cafe

Baler’s Millennium Tree

When I hear 'Balete', the first and only thing that comes into my mind is the creepy story of the White lady in Balete Drive, which basically tells the story of a supernatural being that haunts the place and scares motorists. However, Baler's Balete Tree is not known for its association with the supernatural, but … Continue reading Baler’s Millennium Tree