Our home for a day in Baler was Seasta Beach Resort, which is located in Zabali, Baler, Aurora. It is a 20-minute tricycle ride away from Sabang Beach, but we didn’t mind the extra travel time anyway.



Upon arrival, I immediately fell in love with the hip vibe of the place.

It was not a big place at all. There were a couple of nipa huts, which were the rooms for rent, a 4-feet pool in the middle, and a resto bar near the entrance called the Port Tavern. Several hammocks and cool lounges also decorated the place.

Here are the nipa huts, which were also the rooms for rent…



Here are a couple of hammocks just between the pool and the receiving area…img_5613

Here is the Port Tavern — their very own restaurant.img_5615

and here’s what the Port Tavern looks like on the inside!  It’s very hip with all the witty quotes and phrases all around the place.



There’s also an al fresco part in the Port Tavern with an overlooking view of the beach (mangroves mostly)



When it was time to check out our room, I was slightly disappointed because the room is very small for four people. It primarily consists of two big beds a meter away from each other, and a CR around three meters away from the door.

Here’s a picture of our CR then.. If you look closely, you could see a little fella (aka spider) on the bottom left !


I believe the place is not really for staycation but merely for resting after a long, tiring day being busy elsewhere.

Seasta is not directly connected to the beach, as it is linked to the mangroves, but there’s also a nice view of the sea (especially when you’re at the Port Tavern). This did not bother me at all and I think this is the reason why there were only few guests especially during non-peak seasons.


On our first and last night in Baler, we decided to just relax beside the pool, drinking, asking each other questions, and taking IG stories, all at the same time. Seasta is beautiful at night also especially its pool that changes colors every few seconds. Plus, the mellow songs being played and sung at the Port Tavern the whole night were so soothing. I have to mention the male singer who was so amazing I went up the Port to Tavern to peak.

Here’s what the pool looks like at night!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That chill night at Seasta is truly a night to remember. The vibe, the music, the stars and the company I was with made everything so magical and at the same time, simple.


As we grow old, our lives get more complicated each day as we are often bombarded with responsibilities and struggles. Sometimes it is good to just go back to the old simple days, and I did it in Baler.


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