With no sleep from the day before, we decided to sleep in a little more and cancel our early morning surfing plans. We woke up at around 9am and prepped to visit the other tourist spots in Baler instead.

With the help of our kuya driver, we hopped from the house of Ginang Aurora Aragon Quezon,  wife of Manuel Quezon, to Museo de Baler, where several paintings and artifacts are displayed.

This is the facade of the ancestral house of Ginang Aurora Quezon:



On the other hand, outside the Museo de Baler is a spacious park where both locals and tourists could hang out.



After the short but enjoyable museum trip, we decided to take our lunch before heading to the bus station. We wanted to try the famous Baler Surfer Grill but since it was a very hot day then, we settled with Charlie Does cafe instead.



After eating and playing several rounds of Cards Against Humanity, we headed back to the bus station and hoped for a safe trip back home.

All in all, Baler is an amazing place to visit. It is so different from Makati and it’s definitely good for those who want the peace and quiet of provincial life, away from the smoke, noise and daily stressors of the concrete jungle.

I would definitely visit this place again!





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