When I hear ‘Balete’, the first and only thing that comes into my mind is the creepy story of the White lady in Balete Drive, which basically tells the story of a supernatural being that haunts the place and scares motorists.

However, Baler’s Balete Tree is not known for its association with the supernatural, but rather for its very humongous size. Also known as the “Millennium Tree”, it is said to be the largest of its kind in Asia.


When we arrived at the place, we had to pay an entrance fee of P15, and I think another P10 to go inside the giant tree, if I’m not mistaken.  At first, I didn’t think we’d fit inside the tree but man, was I proven wrong. It was actually pretty spacious inside and we comfortably made our way and took photos for souvenir.

Our very friendly tour guide even offered to take our photos and sure, he was a little extra but in a good way. He literally went up the balete to take this photo of us:


He’s got some mad photography skills. We even have photos with clones (like two of each of us in a single photo), but i wouldn’t post them anyway because they were not that flattering.



He made us feel like models, one pose after another. One theme after another. Directing us like we were being paid to look good in front of the camera. It was awesome!!

After the little tour inside the Balete tree, we became more excited to explore Baler for the rest of the day. It was the appetizer of a very memorable experience, and it definitely was a good one.



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