I suggested Charlie Does Cafe. Without knowing what it serves, without knowing its specialty. I suggested it on the sole reason that it looked like it had aircon, which we badly needed at that very humid day.  
I was wrong because it didn’t have aircon, but the place isn’t that bad actually. It was a very cool and playful cafe, with all the surfboards displayed on the ceiling…

…and various cards and board games at the corner. 

When the menu was given to us, I immediately realized the mistake that I made. Charlie Does Cafe is a vegetarian restaurant, and just a little trivia about myself, I am not the biggest fan of veggies.  However, it was already too late to back out so I had to suck it up. 

I ordered their ‘tapsilog’ for the love of breakfast food, but the twist is that instead of your regular tapa, they serve mushroom tapa. Great 😏

The mushroom tapa actually tasted like real tasty tapa except for its texture which is more mushroom-y rather than meaty. I honestly believe though that vegetarians would love this place and its affordable offerings. This  mushroom tapsilog is only Php 99! 

After eating and quenching our thirst with their calamansi juice, we decided to waste time by playing cards against humanity. There were other board games to choose from so I think it would be a perfect hangout place for barkadas out there. Well, barkadas of vegetarians in particular. 😉


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