In Hong Kong’s ocean park, we only had two and a half hours to spend in the theme park but we managed to visit the panda exhibit and ride a cable car, The Rapids and Hair Raiser. All things equal, I expected to ride at least ten rides in Japan’s Disneyland as we had the whole day for ourselves. 
To my dismay, the lines were super long in Disneyland eating up almost half our day. Like, it was really intense especially at the Splash Mountain, we literally waited for more than an hour already but we were still too far from the start of the line, so we just decided to just move on to the next ride. 

The Splash Mountain

Here are the rides we tried :

1. Starjets – this was an okay ride. You will basically just be riding a jet that goes in circles. Perfect as an appetizer for the day. Not so intense. I read somewhere though that they will be closing this ride before the year ends. 

2. Haunted Mansion – at first, I thought it would be like your normal horror train with bunch of staff dressed like zombies and ogres popping out of nowhere and shouting at your face to scare you, but I was wrong. There was nothing like that. Instead, we rode a train passing through a series of scary but at the same time magical worlds. There were holograms of spirits, displays of moving tombstones, loads of scary entities, et cetera! There was just too much to look at I was both frightened and amazed. 

3. Space Mountain – this was probably the best ride to try if you are an adrenaline seeker. It is an indoor roller coaster and you would definitely see nothing while riding it. Imagine riding a regular roller coaster while blindfolded. Also, aside from that, the twist and turns of this ride were also insane!

4. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad – also good for adrenaline seekers! After the space mountain, we thought this was just nothing but we were wrong. It sure did provide us a much needed scare. 

5. Gadget’s Go Coaster  – this ride is for kids but to pass time and avoid lines, we tried it anyway. Well, it is really for kids. 

6. Star Tours- there was a mini tour before the actual 4D ride where you can see robots and other star wars-y stuff. The 4D itself was also superb, I felt like I was actually really flying and battling during the ride. 

Aside from the rides, there were also parades to watch out for. 

There was a colorful Easter parade called “Usatama on the Run” where disney characters, such as Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, danced while on their respective floats. The music was very catchy too. It goes like this: “la la la la la, usatama, la la la la. ..” Aparently, Usatama is a play on the Japanese words ‘usagi’ (rabbit) and ‘tamago’ (egg). 

Her are a few shots of the parade:

At night, there was a lights and music parade featuring various Disney princes and princesses and other characters. Fynn was there! Snow White too! As well as Nemo. It was so fun to watch while eating a turkey leg (I prefer chicken though).

Here are some of the pictures we took:

Truly, there’s so much to do in Disneyland. if for some reason, you do not want to ride their roller coasters, nor watch their shows, nor witness their parades, you could just interact with their princes and princesses 

…or admire their wonderful decorations and structures. Maybe take some photos and pretend to be a model? We certainly did. 

It was like I was in another world…a really magical one. Somehow, I felt like fairy tales were actually true and I was living in a world where there is a real Disneyland castle and royal bloods live there. 

There’s really something magical about the place and it doesn’t matter if you are a kid or just a kid at heart. Indeed, it is one of the happiest place on Earth!


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