45 minutes of walking and crossing bridges is what it would take to reach Baler’s Ditumabo Falls, or also known as the “Mother Falls”. Well actually, it was doable for 30 minutes but considering that we didn’t have any sleep and we haven’t really eaten lunch yet, our pace was that of a slug.


It was a rather easy trekking similar to  Mt. Pinatubo, but with small bridges and water puddles along the way.



You would also pass by several food stops selling various food choices from pineapples to hotdogs to palitaw to tokneneng, et cetera! You could go on a food trip as well while trekking, that’s for sure.

We also saw the “baby falls” a long the way.


If there’s a mother and a baby falls, I wondered if there was also a Daddy falls. True enough, there was actually Father falls but getting there would take a few couple of hours, so we opted not to.


When we reached the Mother Falls, we were struck with awe, all I thought of was ”Motherf…alls, it is so worth the effort!”




We immediately dipped ourselves into the cold water to relieve ourselves of the intense heat, and stayed there for half an hour just chilling and enjoying the water.

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The water was freezing at first, but you’d get used to it eventually. You just have to be careful though of rocks with sharp edges.



All in all, our little adventure going to the Mother Falls provided me with so much memories. I would never forget the first time I dipped my foot into the falls’ cold water,  or the time we saw a bunch of butterflies just frolicking around, or the time I was busy looking at them butterflies I didn’t see the concrete structure in front of me that I accidentally banged my head against it. Yeah. Not all memories were pleasant, or painless needless to say, but sure enough, they were all great.


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