It was a very humid afternoon in Baler and as we drew closer and closer to the beach, I grew more and more eager to just jump and plunge right into the water of Sabang. 

Of course, I was not going to be plunging right into the water as I was not in some sort of a pool. It was more of a gradual surrender to the sea. To the little waves of Baler. 

Just upon our arrival, a nice kuya surfing instructor offered to teach us how to surf for P350 an hour. We were very much decided by then to surf as it was our primary reason for visiting in the first place. 

All four of us got our own surfing instructor and mine was the eldest of them all, which I liked because he seems to be the most experienced as well. 

Before we head to the water, our kuya instructors taught us first the basics such as where to position our feet, where to put our hands when pushing up, what to do to maintain balance, etc. after around 5 minutes, we headed to the sea to test what we’ve learned so far. 

I was so worried at first that I’d drown because I didnt know how to swim, but my instructor reassured me that we would not go that deep.

My heart was pounding while waiting for my instructor’s go signal to push up and start surfing, and I felt like my worries have devoured me that my first few attempts were all horrible failures. Getting thrown away just before you get the chance to stand up, having the surf board hit your legs, stuff like that. 

But I told myself that I could do it. 

My instructor told me that of all the people he taught so far, there was just only one person who was not able to stand up on the surfboard. A chubby woman by the name I couldnt quite remember now. 

I told him I wouldn’t add up to that list so I put my eyes on the prize — being able to stand up and ride the waves.. even just for a few seconds, it did not matter if i make it back to the shore successfully. I just needed to ride the waves. 

And I did it.

 It was short at first then it became longer. I was fidgety trying to balance, yeah. I didnt make it all the way back to the shore, yeah. I hit myself with the surfboard several times, yeah. I became full just by swallowing sea water that I didnt eat much at dinner later on, yeah. But I did it. For me it was enough of a success. 

After an hour of surfing, we were all just trying to catch our breaths and our bodies were sore. 

We stayed for another hour by the beach just talking about our lives while we gaze at the horizon, not really looking at anything. 

We talked about everything. From our career to love life to any subject we could think of at the moment.

We smiled at the crystals of sunlight on the sea…

at the clouds drifting in the wind. at our sandy toes and wet clothes. But Most importantly, we smiled and gave each other a nod of approval for taking the 6 hour trip up north. Because it was definitely worth it. 


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