“Stolen Shots” at MGM

Sometimes, a place is just so picture-perfect, you want to do an impromptu photoshoot with it in the background... Or maybe, that was just me and my friends during our Macau Trip. The Butterfly Pavilion at MGM Hotel and Casino is so lovely, we had to take the "candid" pictures below. "Uy Tara! Kunwari stolen!" … Continue reading “Stolen Shots” at MGM


Colorama 2012

I was actually having second thoughts about going to this party, 'cause I was already sleepy even before leaving my dorm. Good thing, I gave it a chance as it turned out to be really fun! 🙂 Colorama is an Ateneo party for foreign students, and great looking foreigners were all around the venue! Drunkenness … Continue reading Colorama 2012


I think this was waaaay back in 2012. Not my first college party, but it was one of the okay ones. A lot of the parties I have attended in the past were LAME, but this is not one of them. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Drunkenness Level: (0 is no alcohol, 5 … Continue reading Shindig

Fashion Wishlist

Fashion has always been a passion for me. Ever since I was a little child, I have already loved dressing up and looking presentable. Whenever I am dressed up, I feel a certain kind of satisfaction or happiness inside me. However, there are two things that are preventing me from being a fashionable kiddo. First … Continue reading Fashion Wishlist