In our three day trip in Vietnam, we tried several local restaurants,and one of these is Buffet Gánh Bong Sen. (the one which I did not enjoy that much since I was still very full then) I like the vibe of this place. It is elegant and its pieces are very endearing . I mean, … Continue reading BUFFET GÁNH BONG SEN



I was so disappointed that we did not see the colorful floating market of Cai Be. However, at least I was still able to try the Impressive Cu Chi tunnels of Vietnam! Our tour guide really did a great job in hyping this one up. He told us that during the war, the Vietnamese hid … Continue reading CU CHI TUNNELS


My colleagues and I were so excited to hear that we would be traveling to an international destination together, as part of our annual team building activity. This presents an opportunity for all of us to explore a foreign land, interact with foreign people, and familiarize ourselves with foreign culture. Altogether, we prepare to conquer … Continue reading TRIP TO HO CHIH MINH

Mt. Pinatubo

Mt. Pinatubo serves as a constant reminder of the great volcanic eruption that occurred way back in 1991. The eruption was so massive,it made such a big buzz in the country, and perhaps even outside our boundaries. Stories about the sky turning dark and volcanic debris reaching cities and provinces located miles away from the … Continue reading Mt. Pinatubo

15 Signs that YOU are an Atenean

I actually started to write this when in 2014 when I was in my 4th year, and my plan was originally to include 35 signs (and I already had my draft). However, things happened and laptops got broken and flash drives got lost, and here I am two years after finally posting a shorter version … Continue reading 15 Signs that YOU are an Atenean

New Design Idea

This is me, an average Filipino student taking the LRT/MRT train everyday to go to school and back home. The Philippines has recently changed the ticketing system at the stations. Instead of the usual train tickets and stored value cards for regular commuters, we now have baller ID bracelets as our ticket to enter and … Continue reading New Design Idea

Immersion: The Beginning

The Night Before After filling my bags with things I deemed necessary, I decided to hit the sack to prepare for tomorrow’s early trip. However, I was kept awake by my thoughts and mixed emotions regarding the experience of immersion.  I had been very excited to go to Immersion ever since I heard about it, … Continue reading Immersion: The Beginning