Seasta Beach Resort

Our home for a day in Baler was Seasta Beach Resort, which is located in Zabali, Baler, Aurora. It is a 20-minute tricycle ride away from Sabang Beach, but we didn't mind the extra travel time anyway.   Upon arrival, I immediately fell in love with the hip vibe of the place. It was not a … Continue reading Seasta Beach Resort


To the Waves of Baler Pt 2

With no sleep from the day before, we decided to sleep in a little more and cancel our early morning surfing plans. We woke up at around 9am and prepped to visit the other tourist spots in Baler instead. With the help of our kuya driver, we hopped from the house of Ginang Aurora Aragon Quezon, … Continue reading To the Waves of Baler Pt 2

To the Waves of Baler

One thing adulthood has taught me so far is the realization that time flies so fast and we need to keep up with its pace to strive. The corporate world in particular has proven to be quite demanding and far different from the provincial life that I've been used to. Sometimes, the late nights in … Continue reading To the Waves of Baler

Classic Confections

Growing up, I have undergone so many changes here and there. I have witnessed changes in the way I look on the outside, in the way I feel and experience emotions, in the way I behave around people, in the way I perceive things and everything around me, the list goes on... Change is the … Continue reading Classic Confections


When I hear the word "racing", the first two things that pop into my head are the Fast and Furious series and the very famous Filipino race driver, Marlon Stockinger. Aside from those, I have nothing else to offer to the table when it comes to racing, as I really am not well-versed in that … Continue reading GRAND PRIX MUSEUM

Macau Wine Museum

My friends would always tell me I should get used to liking wine since most occasions, from corporate events to most family celebrations, have it as a staple. Maybe, it's because I'm still living for vodka and how it always makes my clubbing better by transforming me into a somewhat carefree individual, or maybe it's … Continue reading Macau Wine Museum

The Really Grand, Grand Lisboa

As I mentioned in my previous post , Macau has several hotels and casinos that are just beyond beautiful. Out of these, nothing quite stands out as much as Grand Lisboa does. Grand Lisboa is a 47-floor hotel and casino, and it stands out to me not just because of its weird-looking but undoubtedly-gorgeous facade, but also … Continue reading The Really Grand, Grand Lisboa